Over the years, the Institute has evolved into a National Institution, Gambia Telecommunications and Multimedia Institute (GTMI), geared towards serving as a resource center for training/consultancy services, promotion of coordinated human Resources development for the Gambia and the Sub Region at large in not only the area of telecommunications and Human Resources Management but in ICT development as well. 

GTMI’s core busine is in the areas of Training and consultancy in:

Telecom Engineering,

Computer Studies and ICT

Management Studies and Customer Relations

Training and development initiatives have been part and parcel of the Development of the Telecommunications sector in the Gambia since the early 1960’s. This focus on Human Capacity development in the formative years of Gamtel contributed immensely in the development of the Telecommunications sector in the country. The high demand for more work specific and academic upliftment programs had made Gamtel Management to put in a lot of efforts and finances towards the upgrading of the Company’s Training Institute.

There are ever changing needs for Human Resources development initiatives due to the changes in Technological advancements. The proliferation of new Technologies, not only in the Telecommunications arena but in the ICT sector in general coupled with the changing facade of Customer demands places renewed demands for the Training Institute (GTMI) to be more proactive and fully prepared to be able to actually cater for and be in a position to readily work with clients and stakeholders to meet the demands of the market (as and when needed).