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The Gamtel MD  Mr. Lamin A Tunkara held talks with a strategic partner;  African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) during the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) plenipotentiary conference (pp-22) in Bucharest, Romania.  MD Tunkara met with the Director of AFRALTI, Mr. william Baraza and the chairperson of the Institute Mr. Daud Suleman who is also the Director General, Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority(MACRCA).

GAMTEL’s training outfit GTMI has been a partner of AFRALTI for over two decades. This relation has yielded mutual benefits overtime. GTMI has facilitated consultancy training for AFRALTI held in The Gambia in specialized areas which ordinarily has no local expertise. These trainings have benefited Gamtel and Gambians at large by providing them top-notch training at concessionary rates thanks to GTMI status as an observer member of AFRALTI.


YEP Graduation

The Gambia Telecommunications and Multimedia Institute (GTMI) and YEP celebrated the graduation of youths who recently completed training in Satellite Installations,  Mobile and computer repair.